The Democrats have an in!

The Democrats have an in!

Throughout most of the latter half of the 20th century, the Democrats ruled this land. The two groups that help maintain that power was labor and farmers. Eventually, technology shrunk both those pools, and later, the greed of unions, and free trade further shrunk the labor pool. Since losing power under the Clinton administration, Democrats have been struggling to come up with a consistent mantra to convince the uneducated masses to vote for their socialist ideas.

They have met little success, especially if they go too far left.

However, during this current election cycle I am hearing a drum beat that may very well usher the democrats back into power…and keep them there.


This is different than Obama’s promise to fix healthcare. These pipers are playing a slightly different tune. Showing us people who got sick, and if not for publicly funded health care Obama blessed us with, would have been stuck with their own medical bills.

Ever since FDR, the Democrats have been releasing people from responsibilities for their poor life decisions. Welfare was expanded from orphans and widows to anyone who refused to get out of bed in the morning. As long as there were children involved, payments continued.

The death of the shotgun wedding.

A man could plant his seed in a woman without the social stigma of not taking care of his offspring. Gov’ment will take care of them. Mom and dad are drug addicts or alcoholics and refuse to work. No worries, government will subsidize the children, and thus their illegitimate behavior.

Entire neighborhoods have been built on this philosophy, and they are not pretty places. Yet somehow, it’s societies fault that these people are killing each other.

Maybe if government didn’t blindly fund this kind of misbehavior, a certain level of personal responsibility would rise up…maybe.

Now we want to do away with the personal responsibility of caring for our own health. Look around you people. As a society, we are spiraling into one of the worst healthcare disasters since the plague. Grade school aged children are coming down with type two diabetes! This was a disease previously reserved for truck drivers who lived on a diet of Mountain Dew and Doritos.

Remember when being overweight carried a stigma?

God or evolution really screwed things up. For arguments sake, let’s say god. However, this will not bode well for the all-knowing, all seeing aspect of many gods.

Gods biggest mistake was giving us the intelligence to figure out how to become sedentary. Without giving us the ability to either shutdown our bodies natural need to store excess calories, or the self-control to say no to a case of Coke every couple of days.

Taking god and the process of natural selection out of the picture, since Americans have decided that they do not want to be bothered with the financial burden of their poor life decisions, growing obesity rates will guarantee the Democrats their power in the years to come.

At least Canada and many European countries created a national healthcare system as pure socialist propaganda. Didn’t work here. Americans still like their freedom, until it hits them in the pocket book.

Steven King just tweeted about a trip to Canada, and how great the free healthcare is. But Steven King can afford to pay his way to the front of the line. If something is free, it will be rationed, because there is only so much to go around.

I watch a YouTube channel based out of Canada. The YouTuber fell and hurt his shoulder last winter. Many of his followers asked why he wasn’t taking advantage of Canada’s free healthcare. His reason for not going to the emergency room…he didn’t want to wait. What good is free if you cannot make use of it, was basically how he put it.

Long ago, when I drove truck, I would listen to the Canadian drivers talk of their free healthcare. One called it a two-class system. Those that wanted to truly use the free side of it, waited for procedures, and ER visits were, and still are, an all-day thing. But if you had the means to pay for the procedure yourself, you were slotted right in.

Not even America can afford to give everyone the treatment they want or need, when they want or need it. My girlfriend is on state healthcare, and the rationing is far worse than that provided by my corporate healthcare. There are prescriptions she took for years that went away when unemployment forced her onto state funded healthcare.

But as we get fatter, and our health problems mount, the cry for state funded health care will be answered by the socialist in the Democratic party. And the bulging waists, heart diseased, diabetic, aching jointed masses will gladly step up to the trough.

My hope is I have the means to pay my way to the head of the line. Your duly elected officials will be up there, not waiting with me.

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