That is my Right!

That is my Right!

“That is my right!”

“It is a basic human right!”

“I have my rights!”

I think everyone agrees that we as people have basic human rights; unalienable as our founders called them. What did they mean by unalienable rights? Why did they only list a few? Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Originally it was written Life, liberty, and property. In fact, the latter phase makes several appearances in documents that lead up to the Declaration of Independence. However, Thomas Jefferson did not want to alienate Americans who did not own property.

Even then they were politicking.

A right is something that I am born with, and does not cost you anything. They are gifts of life, or potential gifts, such as property. Many of us may not be born with property, but we have the potential for said property. To be clear, I am not talking merely about the dirt on which we build houses. Money is property, you earned it and it is yours. Those things in your pocket – property. The device you are reading this article on – property. I also have a right to life. In fact, it is the first and most basic right. I have the right to defend that right, and my right to property. Doing so will not infringe on your rights.

My rights do not cost you, or any other person, their rights.

With that being said, lets list some frequent issues in this country that are misconstrued as rights.

  • Housing – you cannot provide housing to someone without taking from someone else.
  • Transportation – again, someone has to pay for it.
  • Health care – as already stated, someone has to forfeit their property in order to provide “free” healthcare to someone else.
  • To not be offended – now your infringing on my right to free speech. If you do not like what your reading, click away.

You have the right to pursue and obtain any of the above listed items. However, if you cannot afford a certain level of the aforementioned list, then you do not have the right to force me to raise your levels. Doing so infringes on my right to property, and potentially…freedom.

If I go to the hospital and pay for healthcare, that did not cost you anything. If I buy a car, or a ticket on a privately funded train, that does not cost you anything. If I buy a massive plot of land, and build a towering mansion on said plot, it did not cost you a thing.

See the distinction?

I will not go into the morality of my definition of a right. That is for future posts, and debate. This is simply to lay the foundation for my beliefs (as correct as they are) and set a direction for this blog.

Please…comment, I encourage dissent.

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