Religious Nut Job?

Religious Nut Job?

One thing I never want to be associated with is the religious right wing of the conservative movement. I get that this country was founded with religious principles in mind. Not because this was a godly country, but because most of the early immigrants were fleeing what they perceived as a godless nation.

Dictating from the pulpit is no different than dictating from Washington, or the throne. You are still infringing on the basic rights given to all upon birth. Note, I make no mention of God given rights. That is debatable. Literally, my views on the topic are not set in stone.

What are my views? Well if your still reading, then you must be curious.

Evolution is a fact! However, did we all come about because a few single cell organisms learned to cooperate with each other to create a complex organism with hundreds of systems all specifically designed to perform a single function? Let us give that some thought. Two cells, with no ability for reason or communication discover that if they work together, they accomplish the same thing as if they remained aloof. We have to assume these cells are pretty much identical, therefore, what do they gain by working together. Lets say each cell has its own talent. How does the other cell know that? Eat, and expel, that is the function of a cell. Nothing in there says, think.

For the moment, lets give that theory some merit. Now we have a whole colony of cells working together. In doing so, we get something like a hydra. It has two layers of cells, but no complex systems. Somehow these slightly more complex organisms are not satisfied with simply eating and expelling. They want sight, sound, reason, and sex. Therefore, they somehow developed these ultra complex systems from the basics they started with. True evolutionist want me to believe that something as complex as the human eyeball was a successive occurrence of evolutionary accidents that eventually lead to high definition full color viewing of the world around us.

Replication happens in the lower life forms, why would they strive for something as complicated as sex!

On the other hand, organized religion wants us to believe that roughly six thousand years ago God waved his hand and we appeared. Never mind the fossilized evidence we have uncovered in the last one hundred years. If God was all powerful, and all knowing, then why did he put calories in beer and not give us the ability to turn off the reproductive process.

After all, he made sex fun, maybe he should have given us an off button from the get go. Then stupid people would be less likely to breed.

What is the middle ground?

Intelligent design?

Isn’t that a scary thought. Something engineered us, and then left us to our own designs. For you religious folk, than means no heaven, for you evolutionary types, well you still have to convince me an eyeball was the product of yeast wanting to watch HD TV.

I don’t have the answer, and that is what separates me from both groups. I am intelligent enough to continue to ask the questions until I am dead. Then maybe Satan proves the religious types right. On the other hand, I may live to see or our makers come down in their gleaming space ships and wipe us all clean so they can start over.

Either way, I am not worried about the after life.

Many of our founders were deists, and so am I. After all, it takes an intelligent mind to see the flaws in a theory and an open mind to evaluate, and maybe close on the ones that makes the most sense. If I don’t discover the truth, then I will go do my death knowing this is our one and only shot.

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