Principled Constitutionalist!

Principled Constitutionalist!

This most recent election, I did not vote for any of the major party candidates on the national stage. As a conservative, in the past, I would have held my nose and voted for the Republican candidate. Two things kept me from doing so this time around.

First, every single candidate on both stages came out in favor of bullying Apple into providing a back door into their devices. All on the premise that there might be something on a terrorists iPhone that the authorities can use. Well, as it turned out, they did not need a back door, and there was not a single shred of data that helped with the Feds investigation.

A back door, that if created, could have been used by any group or individual against anyone of us. Like nuclear weapons, once built, you cannot undo.

Second, the eventual Repblican candidate is no more a Republican than Hillary Clinton is. After all, his most recent bid for nomination was as a Reform Party candidate. For comparison purposes, we will call the now mostly defunct party, Democrat light.

This time around, and going forward, I will remain a principled conservative, voting for the candidate the most suits my beliefs. Because of this new found mindset, I happily voted for my very conservative Republican house candidate, Jason Lewis. It was a pleasure to see him win his seat.

I did not bother to vote for the endless list of unopposed judges that Minnesota throws on the ballot every cycle. In fact, all unopposed candidates went unchecked. No more sloppy voting from this guy…no sir.

However, my principled conservatism goes beyond election cycle woes – lesser of the two evils – approach. Government should not be about who’s side wins, it should be about the people, the constitution, and maintaining the principles the founders set forth.

For example, when Antonin Scalia went and kicked the bucket, like all conservatives, I was pissed! How dare he threaten the balance of a court that sways so much power (a topic I will definitely explore). All he had to do was keep breathing for about another year. But no! instead of slipping into a coma and staying there until after the election, he just flat out died!

The nerve of some people! Eat a salad, and go for a walk once in a while. His kids should have bought him a Fitbit.

But I digress.

I was adamantly apposed to the Republican controlled senate refusing to hear President Obama’s pick for Scalia’s replacement. It was their constitutionally mandated job “…and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate…” None of this crap of, well if not for Scalia’s untimely death, Obama would not have had the opportunity to nominate another Supreme Court Justice. Do your damn job. If you are going to blame anyone, blame Scalia.

Notice I said “President Obama.” He was my president. I did not vote for him, but he was my president. Just as George W. Bush was my president, Bill Clinton was my president, Jimmy Carter was my president, the current egomaniac is my president, and Hillary would have been my president if not for that damn electoral college.

Maybe we can get the new Supreme Court to toss out that electoral college thing. After all, the Constitution is a living breathing document open to all kinds of interpretation.

That is a thought I will save for a future post.

Thanks for reading, and as always, I encourage dissent.

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